Policies on fertility treatments

The policies linked to this page were written prior to the start of the ICB on Friday, 1 July. They are in the process of being updated to reflect the change from CCG to ICB. During this process the information contained within them continues to be accurate and valid.

The NHS Kent and Medway assisted reproductive technologies (ART) policy document sets out which fertility treatments (such as IVF) are funded by the NHS and the eligibility criteria Kent and Medway patients must meet to receive them.

These criteria were developed to: 

  • focus resources on groups of patients most likely to have successful outcomes 
  • prioritise groups of patients who are most likely to have the greatest need.

Policies included in the ART policy document have undergone a rigorous review process by a group of doctors, pharmacists, commissioners and a member of the public from across Kent and Medway.


There is no blanket ban on any of the treatments covered in the ART policy document.

If you do not meet the eligibility criteria for a particular treatment or the treatment is not normally funded, your doctor can make an individual funding request (IFR) if they think that you meet the criteria for ‘exceptionality’ or ‘rarity’.

Vist our individual funding requests page for more information. 

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