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Dermatology is the medical term for the treatment or management of skin conditions which can include rashes, lesions, lumps on the skin, changes to moles and skin cancer.

NHS Kent and Medway Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is responsible for commissioning the providers of dermatology services for the people of Kent and Medway. This means the CCG procures dermatology services by issuing a contract to a provider following a competitive tendering process. The CCG then manages the contract to make sure the service provided meets the specifications set out in the contract. A range of contracts for dermatology services are in place across Kent and Medway and the KMCCG is making the necessary arrangements to re-procure them. 

In the meantime the treatment and support dermatology patients receive will continue as before but as part of the process of making sure we get the right services for people in Kent and Medway in the future, we always listen to patients. It is important to hear what patients need from their dermatology services.

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