Improving dementia care in Kent and Medway

The NHS across Kent and Medway wants to improve the care for people with dementia and complex care needs. There are about 27,000 people in Kent and Medway living with dementia.

  • About 15,000 (55 per cent) of these people have mild dementia.
  • About 8,750 (32 per cent) of these people have moderate dementia.
  • About 3,500 (12.5 per cent) of these people have severe dementia.

The number of people living with dementia is predicted to rise to 38,000 by 2030, as the population grows and ages.

Evidence shows it is better for people with dementia to continue to live in their own homes for as long as possible. Services are needed which support them where they live, so any changes or fluctuations in their health can be managed and any crisis prevented or dealt with appropriately. We recognise the impact on families and carers and want to make sure the care and support we provide for people living with dementia takes account of their needs too.

NHS Kent and Medway Clinical Commissioning Group is working with its partners and people living with dementia and their carers to improve dementia care. We are at an early stage of developing proposals for an intensive community service for people with dementia which will support people in their own homes and care homes (both residential and nursing) at times of crisis and urgent need, with the aim of avoiding hospital admission where possible. There will also be a need for specialist support for people with dementia and beds for those with the most challenging behaviour and complex needs until their health improves.

The views of people living with dementia and their carers are needed to feed into this process at an early stage. This will mean the proposal is informed by both clinical expertise and is based on the experience of people living with dementia.

Please respond by Friday, 15 January.

Once the proposals are developed we will enter a process of formal consultation which will include public engagement.

It would be useful to hear about how you cope in a crisis, the types of services you rely on, and any gaps in support, or improvements you want to see. We want to capture your story in a way which suits you.

You can download a copy of the story tool here. We can talk on the phone, or record it on paper, or film – it is your choice. Please email us at or phone Katie Blissett on 07545 934705.

We want to hear about the services you provide, the challenges you face providing care and any support or improvements you think would benefit people living with dementia. We have set up an online survey which you can complete by Friday, 15 January please use this link here. Or we’re happy to interview you by phone, or attend a virtual team meeting to discuss your experiences. Please contact or call Katie Blissett on 07545 934705

If you are a patient group/community group/or carers group and are able to host an online focus group of people who use your services please contact us on

We are interested in everyone’s views about the principles which should guide improving the quality of care provided for people living with dementia. What would you expect and want for yourself or your loved ones if you or they develop dementia

If you want to respond as an interested individual you can complete our survey by 15 January  2020 by using this link here.

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