Students and young adults

There are many events and situations in your life that could cause stress and lead to mental health difficulties. It’s important to understand that whatever the cause, you’re not along, and there is help and support available to you.

You’ll find lots of useful services on this page that will help you through difficult times.

Help could be at the end of the phone or at the click of a mouse. Find the right support for you in the drop down boxes below.

It can be difficult to talk about mental health and especially hard to talk to people or ask for help. Doc Ready has put together some tools that will help you prepare for the first time you speak to some about your mental health.

NHS Talking Therapies                        NHS logo

If you are struggling with anxiety and/or depression, NHS Talking Therapies are a free, effective and confidential way to deal with common and less severe mental health issues.

You can find out about and refer yourself to Talking Therapy services in Kent and Medway on the Help Kent and Medway website, or via You can also ask your GP to refer you.

Live Well Kent                                      Live Well KentSave

Live Well Kent offers support with keeping active and healthy and everyday living including: managing your money, debt and benefits, housing support and guidance, and accessing counselling.

NHS – Need Help?                              NHS logo

Need Help? signposts to a range of different services depending on your age, location and illness. 

There are a host of different support services available for students.

Student Minds                                      student-minds-logo.png

Student Minds empowers students and members of the university community to develop the knowledge, confidence and skills to look after their own mental health and support others.

Student nightline                                          Nightline.jpg

Nightline is a listening, emotional support and information service, run by students for students. Nightlines are open at night, run by trained, caring, fellow student volunteers. Nightline can be contacted by phone, face to face, by email or by online chat.

Student Space                                       student-space-logo.png

Student Space offers one-to-one support for whatever challenge you’re facing, designed for students. Whether it’s your mental health, your studies, money, housing or relationships, they can support you.

Are you feeling a bit low or depressed?  You can find other support services on our Down or Low pages.

The Kent and Medway Safe Havens                     Mental Health Matters

Safe Havens offer face-to-face mental health support for those living in Kent and Medway and offer an open-door policy for anyone needing help. Find out more on this information hub's dedicated Safe Havens page.

Blurt it out                                                            Blurt_It_Out_logo.png

Blurt it out can help you if you’re struggling with depression. Their range of different support services can help see you through tough times.


CHUMS specialist bereavement support              Chums Logo With Tagline mental health and emotional wellbeing service.png

CHUMS offer specialist bereavement support to children and young people from 3½ up until their 26th birthday in Kent and Medway.

This specialist bereavement service is provided by a wide range of experienced, trained professionals and volunteers. Support can be tailored to provide evidence-based interventions to children and young people through 1:1, group and drop-in sessions.

As well as the services below, which have been developed specifically for young people and students, you can find additional support on our Apps and other services page.

Kooth                                                    Kooth Logo.png

If you are aged between 10 and 25 years old, Kooth offers an online mental health community giving free and confidential advice. You can chat with a team member about anything that is on your mind.

The Mix                                                TheMix_logo.png

The Mix is the UK’s leading support service for young people. They can help you take on any challenge you’re facing - from mental health to money, from homelessness to finding a job, from relationship or family break-ups to drugs. Talk to them via their online community, on social media, through their free, confidential helpline or counselling service.

Young Minds                                        young_minds_logo.png

Young Minds offer a range of services that can help support young people through mental health difficulties.

With You                                             

With You provides free, confidential support to young adults, aged 18 – 25 years old, who are experiencing issues with drugs, alcohol or mental health.

BeYou Project

The BeYou Project provides peer and individual support for LGBT+ young people aged eight to 25 in Kent and Medway

Have you tried the Better Health Mind Plan? 

The impact and experience of the on-going Covid-19 pandemic has been difficult for us all. It's so important to look after our mental health and wellbeing. 

Better Health-Every Mind Matters has launched a campaign to support the nation’s mental wellbeing. At the heart of the campaign is the free, NHS-approved Mind Plan.

By answering five simple questions online, adults will get a personalised mental health action plan with practical tips for helping deal with stress and anxiety, boost their mood, sleep better, and feel more in control.

Search Every Mind Matters to see what works for you.

Release the Pressure

Text KENT or MEDWAY to 85258 or phone 0800 107 0160 for free confidential support at any time.

Free expert advice from trained counsellors is available for every mental health concern.

Visit Release the Pressure to find out more.

person sharing their view

Safe Havens 

Safe Havens offer face-to-face mental health support for those living in Kent and Medway.

Find out more on this information hub's dedicated Safe Havens page.

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