Covid-19 vaccine update 15 Apr 2021

15 April 2021

Second doses ramping up

We are now more than four months into the Covid-19 vaccination programme and the number of people getting the extra protection of a second dose is increasing significantly. Over 213,000 people have now had two doses, including 64% of frontline health staff.

Our latest data shows we have more than 87% of the top nine priority groups vaccinated with at least one dose.

  • Cohorts 1-4 (over 70 years, health and care staff, care home residents): 93%
  • Cohort 5 (65-69 years): 90%
  • Cohort 6 (clinically vulnerable aged 16-64): 82%
  • Cohort 7 (60-64 years): 86%
  • Cohort 8 (55-59 years): 85%
  • Cohort 9 (50-54 years): 81%

Vaccinations begin for 45-49 year olds

This week the Government announced that the next phase of the vaccination programme is beginning, with people aged 45-49 now eligible for the vaccine. GP services are starting to invite people and appointments at large vaccination centres and pharmacies have seen a surge in bookings.

Through April there are still supply limitations so appointments are limited and many GP services will begin inviting people aged 48 and 49 as a starting point.

As supplies improve there will be more local appointments made available through the national booking service. If the service is not showing any available appointments in Kent and Medway we’d advise people to wait and check the site again in the coming days and weeks, or contact their GP.

Centres outside of Kent and Medway may show on the national booking system. You do not have to use these and can wait until appointments are available locally. If you do decide to travel to a centre outside Kent and Medway please remember you will need to go to the same centre again for your second dose.

Large vaccination centre no longer taking walk-ins

Earlier this week the Pentagon vaccination centre was offering some walk-in vaccinations for the remaining people in the top nine priority groups. But with the national opening of invitations for 45-49 year olds we do now have to ask that all appointments are booked in advance through the national booking service online or by calling 119.

Ramadan and vaccination

Dr Shaizir Aly, a GP in Chatham, is encouraging Muslims across Kent and Medway to continue getting vaccinated through the holy month of Ramadan. Getting the jab does not break the fast and is being recommended by the British Islamic Medical Association; the jab is certified as being halal by the Muslim Council of Britain. Read more here.

Vaccination clinic at Kingsway International Christian Centre

The vaccination team from Kent Community ran a special clinic at the Kingsway International Christian Centre on 11 April. The session was part of raising vaccination levels within Black African communities and promoting the vaccine. Watch their video about the session here.

National booking service reopening for health and social care staff

From 19 April the national booking service will reopen for frontline health and social care staff to book appointments. You will be able to tick a box to confirm you are eligible and will then need to bring ID to your appointment. Full details will be on the national booking service from next week.

Vaccines given:


First dose

  • over 80 years 93,946
  • 75-79 years 71,235
  • 70-74 years 97,324
  • 65-69 years 90,139
  • 60-64 years 102,271
  • 55-59 years 117,504
  • 50-54 years 116,668
  • Under 50 years 208,106

Second dose

  • over 80 years 67,968
  • 75-79 years 30,241
  • 70-74 years 19,500
  • 65-69 years 9,719
  • 60-64 years 11,084
  • 55-59 years 13,535
  • 50-54 years 12,800
  • Under 50 years 48,620

Up to 11 April 2021. Figures are published weekly on Thursday afternoons by NHS England.

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