Covid-19 Vaccine Updates

We are recieving a high number of questions and comments about the vaccination programme. This pages provides the current position on the main themes that are being raised.

Kent and Medway Clinical Commissioning Group have taken the decision to include all adults with learning disabilities who are on the GP learning disability registers in the first phase of the vaccination delivery in order to mitigate health inequalities.

There are aproximately 9,500 people in Kent and Medway on GP learing disability registers.

Residents of care homes for people with learning disabilities are being vaccinated and those living independently or with family will be contacted via their GP service. The Community Learning Disability Nursing Team is providing a service to vaccinate adults with learning disabilities who are not able to attend the Primary Care Network vaccine sites.

During December 2020 there was an increase in the number of people with learning disabilities dying from Covid-19. In response Kent and Medway Clinical Commissioning Group has adapted the local vaccine implementation plan to responsd to this health inequality impacting our learning disabled population.

Adapting the priority list to reflect evidenced local need will not disrupt other vaccination priorities but allows for the inclusion of an additional clinically vulnerable group, in line with the national contract and Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) guidance.


Covid-19 easy read resources: 

Services for patients who are recorded by their GP surgery as housebound are underway and we expect those who have not already been vaccinated to be contacted between now and 14 February. If you or a house bound relative has not been contacted yet please be patient. Our vaccination teams will be contacting you shortly.

GP-led teams are overseeing vaccination of house bound patients. The actual vaccine may be given by a community nurse or other healthcare professional working on behalf of your GP practice. The details of who will come, and when, will be confirmed directly by your local vaccination team. 

House bound services did start later than vaccination clinic due to the restrictions on transporting the Pfizer vaccine, which was the first to be approved for use. But we will contact everyone recorded as house bound by their GP surgery.

We acknowledge that people would like to get the vaccine as close to where they live as possible; and we are sorry if you feel your nearest vaccination service is not as accessible as you would like.

Nationally the NHS aims to have a vaccination service within 10 miles of where people live. For the large-scale vaccination centres the aim is that they are within a 45 minute driving time.

In Kent and Medway there are currently:

  • 39 GP-led main vaccination sites (with a further 35 GP surgeries running smaller clinics).
  • 7 pharmacy run services
  • 2 large-scale vaccination services
  • 7 hospital based services supporting vaccination of health and care staff

Further sites may open as the vaccine programme continues to roll out. Details of sites are available on this page as a list and map.

The NHS in Kent and Medway is committed to making sure everyone in the priority groups gets the vaccine. People won’t be forgotten and we will get to everyone in all the priority groups.

This is the largest vaccination programme in the history of the NHS. It had to be rolled out in phase. We understand that people from areas which have started later feel frustrated and forgotten. Please be assured this is not the case.

Where services have started later additional resources are being put into making sure the top four priority groups are all vaccinated by the Government’s target of mid-February.

As the programme continues into the lower priority groups there will be some variation in which groups are being invited by different local services; due to the size and the age of their populations.

Across the country the supply of vaccine will be managed to ensure fair distribution so those in the higher priority groups are completed first.

Weekly updates

We publish a weekly update as news items on this website (usually on Thursday afternoons). Links to past copies are below:

Stay up-to-date

If you use social media you can also follow our social media accounts for updates Facebook: @KMCCG  or Twitter: @NHSKMCCG.

Your own GP practice may also be providing vaccine updates on their website or social media accounts and we would encourage you to check if this is the case. They may be providing more local detail on their progress with the vaccinations.

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