Teacher access to vaccination

Statement on 31 January 2021

(updated 1 February with information on cancellations and second doses for those that were vaccinated)

We have been informed that a link for health and care staff to book covid-19 vaccines has been shared within some schools and via education social media groups.

The link was shared in error and we are clarifying this through messages to all school leadership teams.

If you see this link please do not use it unless you are definitely also in one of the following categories:

  1. aged over 70
  2. clinically extremely vulnerable as defined by the national guidance
  3. teachers and staff at special schools working directly with children with complex health needs; and therefore defined as frontline carers (school staff not providing direct care to vulnerable children are not included). Special needs schools will receive further information about this later this week, please do not use the links you may have seen circulated previously.

We understand that some people have booked in good faith following the circulation of this link through education channels. But we would ask than no one else books a vaccine appointment through this route unless you are in one of the groups above.

By making a booking you are depriving someone else who is in the priority groups, and therefore more at risk of death or serious illness, of the opportunity to be vaccinated.

Everyone will get the opportunity to be vaccinated, but this is being done in line with a national priority list to vaccinate those most at risk first.

Cancelling appointments

Appointments made by school staff for the East Kent hospitals services at the Canterbury Cricket Ground for Monday 1 February onwards are being cancelled. Anyone who is definitely in the priority groups will be asked to rebook.

School staff who have made appointments for the Kent Community Health services at Sheppey or Aylesham should be able to go to the original link to cancel their booking. This system did not record bookings as school staff so we cannot cancel them centrally.

If school staff who are not in a current priority group have not received a formal cancellation or are unable to cancel through the original link; we would ask that you do not attend appointments from 1 February onwards. We are working to invite others to prevent any waste of vaccine.

Second doses for those that did get vaccinated

For those school staff who did recieve a first dose you will be offered the second dose from the same location. The East Kent service at Canterbury Cricket Ground had to cancel all bookings including second doses. People who did get a second dose appointment cancellation will need to rebook using the original link.


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