Helping people get fit to fight Covid-19

If you do catch Covid-19 being as fit and healthy as you can be will help limit the impact it has on you. The NHS and our partners are working to help those most at risk get fit to fight Covid. 

Covid-19 is serious. It can take people months to recover. That could be months of discomfort and months off work. In the worst cases the virus is a killer.

Dr Navin Kumta, Ashford GP and clinical chair of the CCG, explains how GPs are working to support patients from Black, Asian and ethnic minorities (BAME) backgrounds and others at high risk from Covid-19:

"People from Black, Asian and ethnic minorities, and those in areas of deprivation, are more likelyto be affected by Covd-19 than others. The risks increase more with age, with long term conditions, with jobs that have lots of contact with others, and with being overweight."

GP surgeries across Kent and Medway are contacting their patients who are most at risk from Covid-19 to provide advice and to review their long term conditions.  

"Conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure add to the risks. One of the most important things you can do to be fit to fight Covid is to make sure any long term conditions are under control. There are often simple things your GP can do to help.

"If you get a letter, text or call please don’t ignore it. Covid is serious and we can help."

During the first wave of the pandemic it became clear that people with the virus can sometimes experience low levels of oxygen in their blood whilst initially feeling okay. But the low oxygen levels can then become a serious problem.

In Kent and Medway we are working with GP surgeries to provide blood oxygen monitors (a simple device you put on a finger to read your oxygen level) to high risk patients who have tested positive for Covid and are self isolating at home.

A dedicated primary care team will contact patients at regular times during their self isolation to check they are okay. People will be asked to take regular blood oxygen readings and to contact the team if their oxygen level falls.

The fitter you are the better you can fight off Covid-19. Even small steps are worth taking; and it's worth taking that first step now.

Things we should all consider doing:

  • quitting smoking
  • losing weight
  • eating healthy food
  • getting active

There is lots of help and advice available through Kent and Medway councils and the NHS; with many services specially adapted to support you online and over the phone.

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We can protect ourselves and our loved ones by following all the advice and rules to reduce the spread of the virus. For details please visit 

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Listen to Dr Navin Kumta explain how GPs are working to support patients from BAME backgrounds and others at high risk from Covid-19.

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