Around 104,900 people in Kent and Medway are living with diabetes.*

More about the services commissioned to support people living with diabetes can be found below, along with information about how the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme is being delivered locally.

Face-to-face help for people living with or at risk of diabetes is continuing ‘virtually’ during the coronavirus pandemic.

Video conferences provide people with the same information as in-person sessions but are delivered on a smaller scale and via a webcam.

This allows people to get information and advice about their diet, exercise and lifestyle, without the risk of potential exposure to coronavirus.

The online National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP) sessions complement the digital support that is already available as part of the programme.

Other in-person face-to-face structured education available for existing and newly diagnosed diabetic patients across Kent and Medway has also been paused due to the pandemic.

Instead providers are offering virtual sessions to ensure patients are best equipped to improve their lifestyle when living with diabetes.

For more information on apps and online support available see below.

If you are at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, are over 18 and not pregnant, then you are eligible for the NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme.

This programme provides education about exercise, diet and mental health, along with providing other advice which helps you reduce your chance of developing diabetes.

Diabetes Prevention Officers

NHS Kent and Medway Clinical Commissioning Group has two Diabetes Prevention Officers, Paul Austin and Colin Snoad, whose roles are primarily to refer patients directly onto the prevention programme on behalf of GP practices.


                                                          Paul Austin 


                                                         Colin Snoad 

You do not have to be referred by your GP to enrol on the programme. For more information and to enrol, visit preventing-diabetes.co.uk or call 0333 577 3010.

For more information contact the team via email at kmccg.ndppkentandmedway@nhs.net.

The Diabetes Education Referral Hub is for people who have received a diabetes diagnosis (Type 1 or Type 2) and would benefit from structured education and those with non-diabetic hyperglycaemia, who are eligible for the National Diabetes Prevention Programme.

The hub is not just for people that are newly diagnosed, anyone in Kent and Medway who has been diagnosed with diabetes can use the hub to access to structured education courses to help them with their illness.

Patients being referred to the service must be 18 or over.  If a patient is under 18, they fall under paediatric diabetic care, which the hub does not support.


You can ‘self-refer’ yourself to the Diabetes Education Referral Hub by visiting the hub’s website and creating an account.

If a referral is made by a clinician, Spirit Healthcare, who have created and manage the hub, will contact the patient’s GP to obtain the required diagnosis and medical information.

Upon receiving the information, they will then contact the patient and provide them access to book education diabetes courses.


The Diabetes Education Referral Hub can be found at www.diabetes-education-km.co.uk/

Please note that Type 1 diabetes courses, which are held face to face, are not available due to lockdown restrictions. Once restrictions are lifted the website will be updated. 

myDiabetes is an online platform which provides access to educational support for those with diabetes. The service, is provided by my mhealth.

Following a referral from a GP or clinician, patients are asked to fill in details, such as their blood glucose levels or BMI, to tailor the delivery of the service to their needs.

Upon being referred by a clinician, you can access the myDiabetes platform by visiting https://mymhealth.com/mydiabetes  or download the application on an iPhone or Android device.  

Digibete: For children and young people with Type 1 diabetes and their families the DigiBete App and website offers a range of awareness, education, training and support resources.

For adults with Type 1 diabetes myType1diabetes.nhs.uk includes videos and eLearning courses, to help people understand more about their Type 1 diabetes and increase their confidence in how to manage it.


Lower My Drinking, ran by ONEYOUKENT, is a website and smart phone application which allows people to check the amount of alcohol they are consuming, whether it is affecting their health and provides advice and direction to the help they need to solve any problem created from their alcohol consumption.


My Quit Route is an application which provides expert advice and scientifically proven tools to help quit smoking.

* Stats are from 2019


Have the 4 Ts?
It could be diabetes:

Toilet – going to the toilet a lot?
Thirsty – unable to quench your thirst?
Tired – feeling more tired than usual?
Thinner – losing weight?

What to do if have symptoms

If you have any of symptoms of diabetes, you should contact your GP.

Early diagnosis of diabetes, treatment and good control are vital for good health and reduce the chances of developing serious complications.

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